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Happier by the Minute Videos

Ep.1 How to Become a HAPPIER Person in One Minute

Ep.2 Five Areas to focus on to increase happiness

Ep.3 Did you know OPTIMISM can be learned?

Ep.4 How to build on your STRENGTHS

Ep.5 Do you have a FIXED or GROWTH MINDSET?

Ep.6 Four steps to changing your MINDSET to be happier
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Ep.7 Sorry, You can’t be happy all the time but…

Ep.8 How to be Happy: Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?

Ep.9 Gratitude: The holy grail of happiness

Ep.10 Happiness is as easy as brushing your teeth

Ep.11 What is Irrevocable Happiness for you?

Ep.12 Did you answer the question that will help you find happiness? 

Ep.13 Want to be as successful as Jim Carrey and Oprah?

Ep.14 What is keeping you from living the life of your dreams? 

Ep.15 What’s your excuse for not practicing gratitude?
Action Worksheet

Ep.16 Take 10 minutes to change your day- and someone else’s 

Ep.17 What’s your excuse for not practicing gratitude?

Ep.18 Are you good enough?

Ep.19 Judger vs Learner:  Are you on the right path to success?
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Ep.20 Affirmations
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Ep.21 Best Possible Self

Ep.22 Visualize Process

Ep.23 Failure Examples

Ep.24 Failure Magic Lessons

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