Our Mission

Happier by the Minute’s mission is to curate and deliver the best of Positive Psychology’s research, rigor, tips and tools to support the growth and flourishing of individuals, families and communities. We offer short videos and products that take the science of happiness and turn it into easy to understand, easy to practice, action items.

Our Beginnings

It started as a class project. To complete her certification as a practitioner in Positive Psychology, Stacey Yates Sellar needed a final project that would both synthesize the course materials and offer a way to share them with the world. While studying Harvard’s Positive Psychology open course with Tal Ben Shahar, Sellar realized all the personal growth strategies she had researched and practiced over the last 20 years had a name. The tools she used, including visualization, gratitude, mindset, mindfulness and optimism led to the successful and abundant life she currently leads.  Positive Psychology was becoming a movement that she wanted to be a part of so she found the Certification of Applied Positive Psychology program through the Flourishing Center. As a wife and mom of two young boys with a full time job as the Director of a large, multi-location company, trying to squeeze in a certification course, Sellar knew what it meant to be BUSY. She knew there were other busy people out there with no extra time for reading 300 page books or week-long self- improvement retreats. She wanted to help herself and others by turning the mountains of research and data about happiness into bite size morsels that could be easily delivered and put into practice- daily. And that was the inspiration for Happier By The Minute- the tips and the tools of happiness- one minute at a time.

Sellar met Kathleen Moore in the certification course in San Francisco, CA. Kathleen was there to learn how to live her best life, become more happy and deepen her passion for learning new tools and ideas. Kathleen is passionate about learning and development not only for herself but for others as well and spends her time developing and launching innovative initiatives focused around leadership development, professional development and training. Kathleen also has a part-time hypnotherapy practice called Mindful Hypnotherapy of San Francisco which focuses on holistic hypnotherapy for transformation healing.

Moore joined Sellar to expand the final project beyond the classroom and deliver it to as many people as they could.

Enter you, the viewer, the reader, the next link in the chain of change. We hope we can entertain and inspire you enough to motivate you to pass the positivity forward. Thank you for helping us increase happiness- by the minute.

Happier by the Minute
Stacey and Kathleen with our rose colored glasses on 🙂